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Hank Paul

Hank Paul

Founder & Lead Guitar

Hank Paul is the Leader and Guitar Player for the Park Avenue Orchestra. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He began studying music in grammar school and choose the guitar to feature his musical talents. He has been playing the guitar for thirty years and has performed over 1500 engagements in the Chicago land Area. He enjoys playing a variety of guitars for different styles of music including Rock, R&B, and Jazz.

As the leader of the Park Avenue Orchestra, He is dedicated to musical expertise, professionalism, and personal attention to detail that will be the right combination to make the performance a complete success. He strives for excellence with each and every performance to ensure your event will be a Memorable Celebration.

Meet the Band

All the members of the Park Avenue Orchestra have impressive achievements to their credits. Our professionalism and high quality standard of music has given the orchestra a superior and established name in the live entertainment industry.

Our Rhythm Section includes guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, drums and percussion. Our Horn Section is composed of four musicians who play trumpet, trombone, alto, tenor and soprano saxophone, flute and clarinet. The Orchestra is fronted with Award Winning Female and Male Vocalist supported with strong background vocals. Our dynamic stage presence and musical talents will ensure your audience with a professional performance with a variety of musical styles.